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Words of God

The Quran is the literal word of God. The Almighty (Allah in Arabic), revealed The Quran to Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) through the Angel Gabriel.

“The revelation of The Book (The Quran) is from Allah, the All-Mighty, the All-Wise.”

Al-Quran 39:1

Guidance for Mankind

The Quran is “a guidance for mankind… and the distinction (between right and wrong).”

Al-Quran 2:185

It provides direction to help mankind judge between right and wrong, without which, man would surely be in loss.

The Final Revelation

The Quran is the last scripture revealed by Almighty Allah (God). It confirms what little truth that remain in parts of previous holy scriptures and at the same time refutes and corrects the fabrications and additions made in current day versions of such scriptures.

“O you who have been given the Scripture (Jews and Christians)! Believe in what We have revealed (To Muhammad) confirming what is (already) with you…”

Al-Quran 4:47



The Quran is the only religious sacred text that has been in circulation, and yet remains as original from the day it was revealed. Nothing has been added, removed, or modified since its revelation over 1443 years ago.

“Verily, We, it is We who have sent down the Dhikr (The Quran), and surely We will guard it (from corruption).”

Al-Quran 15:9

Not only has The Quran been preserved in written form, but also in the hearts of men, women and children. Today, millions of people have memorized The Quran from cover to cover by heart.

Scientific Miracles

The Quran does not contradict modern science, but rather, modern science approves it. One of the most remarkable aspects about The Quran is that it contains many verses which accurately describe natural phenomenon in various fields such as embryology, meteorology, astronomy, geology, and oceanography. Scientists have found its descriptions incredibly accurate in a book dating back to the 7th century.

“We will show them Our Signs in the Universe and in their own selves, until it becomes manifest to them that this (The Quran) is the Truth.”

Al-Quran 41:53

In fact, many of the scientific miracles mentioned in The Quran have been discovered only recently, through the modern advancement of technological equipment. Some of such discoveries are:

1- The Quran gives a detailed description of the development of the human embryo. These details were unknown to the scientific community until recent times. Al-Quran (23:14)

2- The Quran states that the astronomical objects (stars, planets, moons, etc…) were all formed from clouds of dust. Previously unknown, this fact has now become an undisputed principle of modern cosmology. Al-Quran (41:11)

3- Modern science has discovered the existence of barriers that allow two seas to meet yet maintain their own temperature, density and salinity. Al-Quran (55:20)

These signs of God were clearly stated in The Quran more than 1,400 years ago.


Ever since its revelation, no person has been able to produce a single chapter like that of The Quran in its beauty, eloquence, splendour, wisdom, prophecies, and other perfect attributes.

“And if you (Arab pagans, Jews and Christians) are in doubt concerning that which We have sent down (The Quran) to Our servant (Prophet Muhammad), then bring a Surah (chapter) of the like thereof and call your witnesses (supporters and helpers) besides Allah, if you are truthful.”

Al-Quran 2:23

The people who rejected Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) failed this challenge, even though they were extremely eloquent in the language of The Quran. This challenge remains unanswered to this very day.

No Contradictions

When people write, they are bound to make mistakes such as spelling and grammar, contradictory statements, incorrect facts, omission of information, and other various errors.

“Had it (The Quran) been from other than Allah, they would surely have found therein many a contradiction.”

Al-Quran 4:82

The Quran has no contradictions whatsoever – be it in scientific explanations of the water cycle, embryology, geology, and cosmology; historical facts and events; or prophecies.


To Believe in One True God

“And your Ilah (God) is One Ilah (God-Allah), There is none who has the right to be worshipped but He (Allah), the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.”

Al-Quran 2:163

The most important topic mentioned throughout The Quran is the belief in the One True God. God informs us that He has no partner, no son, no equal, and that none has the right to be worshipped except Him alone. Nothing is comparable to God and none of His creation resembles Him. The Quran also rejects the notion of attributing human qualities and limitations to God.

To Reject All False Gods

“Worship Allah and join none with Him (in worship).”

Al-Quran 4:36

Since Allah alone is the only One worthy of worship, false deities and false gods must be rejected. The Quran also rejects the notion of attributing divine qualities to anyone or anything other than Allah.

To Take Lessons From The Stories Of The Past

The Quran contains many narratives with beneficial lessons, including the true stories of previous Prophets such as: Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses and Jesus. Of these stories, Allah says,

“Indeed, in their stories, there is a lesson for men of understanding.”

Al-Quran 12:111

To Remind us of the Day of Judgement

This Noble Book reminds us that everyone will taste death and will be held accountable for all their actions and sayings:

“And We shall set up balances of justice on the Day of Resurrection, so then none will be dealt with unjustly in anything…”

Al-Quran 21:47

To Fulfil the Intended Way of Life

Importantly, The Quran teaches that the purpose of life is to worship God alone and live one’s life according to the way of life prescribed by Him. In Islam, worship is a comprehensive term that includes all actions and sayings (whether private or public) that Allah loves and is pleased with. Therefore, by doing what Allah commands, a Muslim is worshipping God and fulfilling his purpose in life.




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