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This website is dedicated to provide access to the Holy Quran and to find out more about Islam. Visitors can download, view, or order a printed copy of the Quran free of charge and in our selected translations.

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The Quran is a timeless guide for life, death and the hereafter.

Guidance for mankind

Purpose of existence

Answers Life’s Big Questions

No contradictions



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NOTES: All the Al-Quran translations available in this website are the ones recognized and certified internationally by the King Fahd Al-Quran Complex in Madinah Al-Munawarah. Visitors can access their website for further information:

The Project

Our principal aim is to create awareness about the beauty of the Quran through campaigns such as billboard advertisements. These billboard adverts generate interest of individuals to visit our website ( and subsequently obtain from us a free copy of the Quran with translation in the language of their choice. The visual messages present appealing blurbs and facts with short videos on topics of interest on Islam and the Quran. These electronic billboards are located at strategic sites with heavy traffics, thus visible to thousands of commuters daily.

“Islam is often perceived erroneously, sometimes resulting in it somewhat being a misunderstood religion, leading some to hold biased views on Islam, at times ensuing suspicion and discrimination of Muslims. This advertisement campaign provides an opportunity for the general public to take a fresh and positive look at Islam through simple messages displayed on these billboards.”

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Our offer of a free Quran can be extended to your love ones and friends. Share their contact information and we will try to send them a copy. Please indicate in what language they are comfortable with.

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As a non-profit organisation that relies solely on funds and donations, every little contribution means a lot to us. You can request for tax exemption for all cash donations to us.

Q & A

If you are a lover of learning and a seeker of knowledge, here are some interesting information about Islam and its holy Quran.


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